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Friday, April 8, 2022

#148 “Crossroads” 14x11 oil on linen panel

This one was quite a challenge! There were many problems to solve. For the most part the painting came together rather quickly. However, as a result of the perspective of the photo that was used, the grain elevator "leaned" to the right. That was corrected by measuring the upper right hand corner of the building from the corner to the edge of the canvas. Using that measurment I marked a spot on the canvas at the bottom of the building that was the same distance from the edge. I think it was anout a half inch. I simply matched color/value and extended the building. That problem was solved! The second issue was the sky. When looking at the photograph, it was a sold blue with little change in value. It was boring. To fix that I ever so lightly lightened the value at the horizon line and gradually blended into the darker blue above. That worked but again, it was just this boring blue. I decided to add some wispy white clouds! Bingo! Done

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