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Saturday, September 14, 2019

#136 "Bluebird" 7x5 oil on linen panel #139 "Ella Fishing" 8x8 oil on linen panel

"Ella on the Dock"
I haven't painted much since knee surgery last February. We've been traveling so much I just haven't had time. Here are two little warmups I've done just to make sure I remember which end of the brush to hold! The painting on the left is an 8x8 oil on canvas. It's of granddaughter Ella fishing off our dock. She caught a total of 7!!!

The second painting below is a 5x7 oil of a Bluebird. Mom really loved this so it sits in her living room keeping and eye on her! I hope to get back to my studio this fall and really get it to it a bit!


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